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Save Derryfield Golf Course (SDGC) is a non-partisan, grass roots organization dedicated to the repair of the golf course and park that is part of the Derryfield Country Club complex.
 The SDGC is committed to one goal at this time:
To enlighten the Board of Mayor and Aldermen regarding this situation and enlist their aid to remedy this problem.

SAVED !! 10/07/14
To the folks that may not have heard, on Tuesday evening October 7th at approximately
9PM the Board of Mayor and Aldermen/Alderwomen voted overwhelmingly to approve a
3.5 million bond to fund the drainage repair project at the Derryfield Golf Course
and Park.

The company chosen to do the work from the 4 qualified bidders was Landscape
Unlimited from Lincoln, Nebraska.
(check out their website here: http://www.landscapesunlimited.com/about).

As many of you might have noticed this website has been very quiet for some time now.
We here at Save Derryfield felt it was important to let the experts do their jobs without
outside scrutiny or comment. It would not have been appropriate to trumpet a success
prematurely. The sheer effort and hard work required to bring us to this point, from dealing
with the State Environmental people and the Army Corp of Engineers, to crafting the construction RFP and choosing the best firm, to navigating the political waters of Manchester was a herculean effort.

Which brings us to our first kudos.
Many thanks to the folks at the Parks/Recs/Highway Dept.
Andy Vachon, Peter Capano (retired), Don Pinard, Tim Clougherty, Kevin Sheppard, Fred McNeil, former greens keeper Stan Jaworski and current greens keeper Jeff Rader and his the crew. These are the folks that were there for us right from the beginning three years ago and are continuing to work to achieve the end result – a playable, profitable golf course.

Our second kudos goes to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen/women. Their foresight in recognizing that the golf course and park can be of great benefit to the City of Manchester not only in terms of open, green space but also financially.

Our third kudos goes to Mike Ryan, for being the best Pro in the region and Mike Lanoie who used his business acumen to explain the project to the Mayor in terms of dollars and cents.

Lastly we would like to thank the Derryfield members who supported this effort from the start.
Without them (800 signatures supporting golf course and park repair) we would not have been able to succeed.

There are many questions yet to be answered, number of open holes in 2015, membership cost etc. We will publish the facts as soon as we know. In the mean time we should celebrate the fact that the drainage will be repaired on our lower holes.

Some of you may have taken note of a story in the Union Leader that stated that the golf course has been subsidized over the past few years to the sum of 6 million dollars.
This is not correct. Below please see an excerpt of a note Save-Derryfield-Golf-Course sent to the reporter in question.

Dear Ted,
If I may, I would like to draw your attention to the part of your
report that, again, states “Restructured 15 years ago to be a
self-sustaining enterprise, the city has had to subsidize the course
for the past seven years, at a cost of around $6 million”.

I realize that you are using a part of a previous report done in 2012 by
Mr. Solomon. When Mr. Solomon reported this previously, we met with
him and tried to correct this misstatement.

The self-sustaining enterprise was called the Enterprise Zone and was created
in 1996, 18 years ago not 15.The Enterprise Zone has included swimming pools,
McIntyre Ski area and skating arenas. Over the years the city fathers/mothers
have added and removed other recreational entities (e.g. parks) to and from the
Enterprise zone. The 6 million dollar figure is the residual total debt for all those
entities accumulated since 1997.
In those 18 years the Derryfield Country Club (DCC) had positive cash
flow totaling $2,475,119.

In other words without the DCC the Enterprise Zone debt would be closer to 9 million.

Additionally, the 6 million dollar figure is not what the city has paid or subsidized
for the Enterprise Zone but what is owed. Like most debt the repayments are
spread out over time.

In the past few years drainage problems have caused the DCC to run a
yearly deficit (63K in 2012 and 200+K in 2013 due to longtime city workers
However fixing the drainage will allow the DCC to return to profitability.

A call to the Parks and Recreation Dept. will collaborate my statements.

It may now be a moot point but if you would like to discuss this
further we will be available at your convenience.