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Save Derryfield Golf Course (SDGC) is a non-partisan, grass roots organization dedicated to the repair of the golf course and park that is part of the Derryfield Country Club complex.
 The SDGC is committed to one goal at this time:
To enlighten the Board of Mayor and Aldermen regarding this situation and enlist their aid to remedy this problem.

UPDATE 05/26/13
Save Derryfield Golf Course supporters,
Welcome back!
As you have witnessed, much has happened since the 2012 season ended. Greens and fairways have been arrogated and rolled. Trees and brush have been trimmed and cleared.
Many of us believe the actions have already created better wind flow and improved sunlight to areas long overdue and in need of a fresh start…and a better golfing experience.
Unfortunately, here we are…Memorial Day Weekend 2013 and “OLD NINE WITH CARTS” is the course condition. Admittedly, the weather has not cooperated. Heavy rains have affected the course playability.
Which is why, now more than ever, we stand together in our determination and mission to repair the drainage on the east side of Mammoth Rd.
According to Highway and Parks representatives, McFarland and Johnson/Mungeem and Cornish have been working diligently on finalizing the engineering study and recommendations authorized last year.
We are anxiously awaiting the results. SDGC has been promised a meeting next week to discuss the status of the study and we anticipate updating all of you as soon as we receive the information.
Please continue checking the website for the latest information.
As always, SDGC!

UPDATE 12/24/12
Merry Christmas
More work, more pics. Again thanks to Mr. Conway.

UPDATE 12/12/12
Check out more great progress. The start of cleaning out the brooks.
See the Brush Removal page for pictures Bill Conway supplied.

UPDATE 10/15/12
The firm of MACFARLAND JOHNSON and the City’s HIghway/Parks Dept. will be holding a public meeting where the Company’s consulting engineering will be introduced, elements of the study will be presented and input from the Golf course users and community will be solicited.
It is IMPORTANT that we be represented by as many people as possible.
Please plan to be there.
6:00 PM

UPDATE 7/13/12
As previously reported by SDGC a Request for Proposal (RFP) was issued by the City of Manchester for the Derryfield Country Club Southeast Golf Course Drainage Improvement Project in March of this year. Nine of the best engineering firms and golf course architectural firms in the Northeast submitted responses. Of this group four were down-selected to present and discuss their proposals at a meeting held on May 21st.
Representatives from Save Derryfield, The Derryfield Restaurant, Highway and Parks & Recreations Departments, The Board of Mayor and Aldermen along with the DCC Golf Professional and DCC Greens Superintendent were in attendance.

We are pleased to report that on July 6, 2012 the committee selected the firm of MACFARLAND JOHNSON to perform the engineering, project management, hydrology/hydraulic, environmental documentation and permitting, construction administration and inspection services related to this project.

The MACFARLAND JOHNSON Team also includes the Mungeam Cornish Golf Design company. Mungeam Cornish is recognized as the most prolific golf course design company in New England.

The SDGC would like to thank all the companies that bid on this engineering project. All nine companies submitted impressive bids.

What all this means:
MACFARLAND JOHNSON will be testing and analyzing various aspects of the Derryfield drainage, topography, environmental impact etc. in order to prepare a detailed engineering plan that would enable a construction firm to go to work fixing the drainage.

While we still have a long way to go what it means most of all – PROGRESS.

On a different note: the SDGC would like to thank the Golf Course Superintendent and his staff for a great job. The course has never looked better.

UPDATE: 5/22/12
See an interesting article (on right) The DCC 50th Year Anniversary.
(The file is a pdf and requires Abobe Reader)
Continue viewing the website for updates!

Now more than ever it is crucial that we secure signatures to support our efforts.

Please print, get signatures and return.
We feel a petition addressed to the Mayor and Alderpersons is the best way to get our point across.